Dance of the Moon

We invite you for an enchanting evening in one of the most prestigious venues of Ghent, the Opera Ballet Flanders.

Attend the impressive & exclusive ‘Danza Luna’, the gala of all galas created by Emmalyne Rose and be surrounded by the most distinguished artists, designers and a select ensemble of VIP and high-ranked guests from all over the world.

During our exclusive theme “Noblesse Eternelle” dedicated to opulence an royalty, we fly you to a night filled with luxury, art and a showcase of the most exquisite high fashion designs ever!

Experience our VIP cocktail hour where you are welcomed by our bespoke host, masters of ceremony and unique special guests.
Be immersed in an Haute Couture runway show where astonishing designs from around Europe will be showcased.
Enjoy a captivating evening of performances, exhibitions and music reflecting on the theme of the evening.

Experience a night full of magic…


VIP - Reception

Join us at our VIP reception to meet up with our special guests and featured artists in person! 


Top Performances

Our talented performers will take away your breath with their wonder full acts in dance and seduction

Fine Dinner

This year anew we will offer you the finest local dishes carefully prepared by master catering Foodpunks!

Unique Exhibitions

Get in touch with our wonderful exhibitors, let them tell you the story of their arts and crafts.

Exclusive Runway

Europe's most finest fashion artists will enchant you with their fantastic creations specially made for the evening.


To finish the evening, our DJ's will invite you to their dancefloor to seal you the memory of our magical event.


Guests of Honor


Father Sebastiaan 

Coming Soon

To be announced
in July 2021

Coming Soon

To be announced

in September 2021


The Venue

Schouwburgstraat 3

9000 Ghent - BELGIUM

Gala "Danza Luna" takes place at the opulent Ballrooms of the Opera Ballet Ghent which is one of the largest cultural institutions in Belgium. The location is easy to be reached by public transportation as by car. There is a parking lot right in front of the building which is under surveillance 24/7.


Dress Code

Imagine being dressed as a saint, a queen or a noble man to be part of a Royal evening in one of the most opulent baroque ballrooms of Europe. See yourself wrapped into grandeur, luxury and high fashion, resurrecting from an ancient painting…

**In respect to our guests, adjusted attire for the evening is mandatory. We expect you to follow our dress code or to adopt formal evening attire (long dress - tuxedo).  Discretely nude or see-through dresses are allowed. Casual clothing  is NOT permitted and will be refused at the entrance.



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